Memories of Mrs Smith

A collection of short videos, made with archive images and oral history recordings, exploring memories of Mrs Smith and Navenby.

Be More Hilda

Learning tips for a more sustainable life from the everyday life of Mrs Smith.

Life on the Land

An exhibition exploring experiences of Lincolnshire Farming.

Mrs Smith’s Kitchen

A tour of Mrs Smith’s kitchen. Weaving historical information with images from the collection, memories of Mrs Smith, and quotes from her personal diaries to make you feel at home.

Home Made Houses

Year 1 Oak Class at Navenby Primary School have been working with Nicki Jarvis, our artist in residence, to create ceramic houses based on their own homes. While visiting Mrs Smith’s Cottage the pupils have been thinking about how homes and the village has changed over time. Alongside their ceramic houses we are proud to display a map displaying postcards of their favourite places in the village.

At Home Healthcare

An exhibition exploring attitudes to healthcare and looking at common remedies from the 1930s. Many of these are likely to have been known to Mrs Smith while she worked as a companion or when caring for friends and family. This exhibition has been produced by Mrs Smith’s Cottage with research from Catherine Waites and The District Herbalist.

Mrs Smith’s Cottage Garden

Over the spring and summer of 2020 our garden volunteers set to work restoring Mrs Smith’s Cottage garden, using a plant inventory written by Mrs Smith in 1986. This was the foundation for our planting, and using images from our archive as well as memories collected from friends of Mrs Smith we were able to create a cottage garden that Mrs Smith would have been familiar with. To share our research, and plant list, with you we have created a pinterest board full of resources to help you create a cottage garden much like Mrs Smith’s.

Making Food Go Further

Mrs Smith lived a very low waste lifestyle. Making sure to waste as little food as possible by buying only what she needed, storing her food correctly, and keeping recipes which help her use up the odds and ends left in the cupboards at the end of the week. Inspired by Mrs Smith we wanted to share practical ways to reduce the amount of food you waste at home, saving you money while helping to stop food waste.