Memories of Mrs Smith

Mrs Smith was involved in many aspects of village life, and as a result she has many friends in the village. To preserve her memory, and memories of village life in the past, we have recorded conversations with the people who knew her well. Clips from these recordings have been used alongside archival images to create short videos which help us get to know Mrs Smith a little bit better.

If you are researching local or family history and are interested in listening to the full conversations please get in touch by emailing us ([email protected]).

Mrs Smith’s Birthday
The Village Cows
Visiting Mrs Smith
Mrs Smith and the October Fair
Mrs Smith’s Working Life
Mrs Smith’s and the Poppies.
Jim Looker talking about looking after the hedge in Mrs Smith’s garden.
Playing football.
Memories of Mrs Smith.
Mrs Smith’s go to hairstyle.
Mrs Smith the Village Memory.