An important part of the Mrs Smith’s Cottage project is sharing what we know about the life of Mrs Smith with learners of all ages. Providing opportunities for people to develop new skills and explore different ways of living, from the late 1800s to the modern world.

Our learning program, from school trips to adult education offers will resume once we re-open. To support you, and your family, as you continue your learning from home we have collected together a wide range of resources. We will continue working to develop more content, with updates every Friday.


Egg Box Museum Competition 

We want you to go on a walk, either in your garden or to a local green space, and fill an egg box with items you find interesting.When you return home we want you to look back at the items you collect, start thinking about why you chose to pick the item up. Think about the colours, shapes and textures. Then start thinking about where the object could have come from or what it could be used for.

For the competition we want you to create a piece of work which tells a story about the objects you collected. This can take any form you want, it can be a drawing, a piece of writing, a dance, or you can film yourself telling us about the items you found.

Entries can be emailed to us using: [email protected]

You can also post your entries on twitter using #nkeggboxmuseum and tagging @mrssmithcottage

The deadline is Friday 8th of May at 12noon.

For more information you can read our Competition Instructions. 


Kitchen Exhibition 

Making Food Go Further

A Cottage Garden

VE Day in the Cliff Villages

Craft Tutorials

Weekly Diary Craft Worksheet – A Video Tutorial

Bug Hotel Video Tutorial


Mrs Smith’s Apple Chutney

Granddad Bytham’s Salted Broad Beans

Nanna Boston’s Raspberry Vinegar

Mrs Bird’s No Fuss Bread Pudding