NavenBEEs Garden Diary

Date – 22nd April

Season – Spring

Weather – Sunshine and Clouds, with a Breeze

Feels – Warm

It was lovely to get our Early Years group to the cottage to make progress on their garden. They will be growing lots of different veggies and flowers which will be enjoyed in the summer.

Todays Activities:

  • Planted carrot, spring onion, radish, and nasturtium seeds.
  • Added compost to the corner bed.
  • Watered front garden, back garden, and pots.
  • Checked on seedlings in the cold frame.
  • Made bug hotels from milk bottles and waste paper.
  • Went bug hunting using magnifying glasses, spotted ants, bees, woodlice.
  • Enjoyed the different textures and smells of herbs in the garden – we all liked the rosemary best.