Making Food go Further

With current restrictions it is important that we are all able to make the most of the food we buy, making use of items before they start to go bad and storing food to make it last as long as possible. This not only reduces our impact on waste collection teams, but will also reduce the number of times we need to go food shopping.

Mrs Smith wasted very little food, always making sure to use what she had in the house. Unlike most of our homes today Mrs Smith never invested in a fridge or freezer and was still using her meat safe in the 1990s. Eating seasonally was a large part of this, along with the creation of many different kinds of preserves.

Inspired by her ability to make the most of her food we have put together a pinterest board sharing recipes along side practical ways to prevent food waste. This board is the foundation for a adult learning offer we are working on, which will look at how to make the most of the food you are able to grow and buy.

Find our Pinterest Board Here

We also have a collection of recipes for you to try!