An Enchanting Evening; Thanks to You

On the 23rd of November, a wet and cold Saturday evening, we were able to bring some warmth during our Enchanted Evening and Mrs Smith’s Cottage. With lights hung around garden we huddled in the warmth of the visitor centre Enjoying festive food, mulled wine, and the wonderful music of Nigel and Teri. Celebrating the National Lottery’s 25th Birthday with friends new and old, giving gifts to National Lottery players and sharing information about our Lottery Heritage Fund project.

We want to take some time to thank all of our supporters, just one more time. Our project is only possible in collaboration with national lottery players and the local community.

If you want to learn more about our project or meet the team we have an exciting winter events program. These event provides plenty of opportunities to get involved with our project and learn more about our progress.

Our next event is a Vintage Christmas Crafts on the 15th of December, an afternoon of craft activities for crafters of all ages.